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Recycling Information

Recycling is process of reusing or reconditioning materials or products so they can be used to make new products. Recycling, when done correctly, conserves natural resources and lowers the impact of producing goods and services using new or virgin material.

There are many types of recyclables, sometimes called recyclates, including but not limited to Batteries, Plastic, Paper, Glass, Aluminum, Steel, Motor Oil, Tires, Toxics, Refrigerators, Computer Printers. Organic matter is also recyclable through the use of composting

Typically you must take your recyclables to a recycling center although some communities are fortunate enough to have curb-side pick up of recycable materials. If you do use a curb-side pick up service for you recyclable materials it might be a good idea to take a trip to their facility when you have some free time to ensure that they do indeed recycle all of your waste.

You can also reuse products or materials for their inteded or new purposes but this isn't classified as recycling. In order for it to be recycling the material would need to go through some type of reprocessing.

Recycling Information

Hailey, Idaho, voters going to the polls to decide on plastic bag ban
On November 8th, voters in Hailey, Idaho, will have an interesting choice when they go to place their votes. A group of high school students from Wood River High School has pushed to put a plastic bag ban onto this year's ballot, a green initiative that they hope will cut down on the amount of w... Read More
Glad Products Company to help improve recycling rates at NCAA games this fall
The Glad Products Company, maker of everything from plastic bags, containers and other home products, has partnered with the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) to help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in local landfills from college football games th... Read More
Recycling business provides door-to-door service to Iowa apartment dwellers
The city of Des Moines, Iowa, doesn't have the advantage of a municipal recycling program, so residents are forced to bring their cardboard, plastic and glass to drop-off centers around the area. Unfortunately, this can make recycling a bit harder, especially for those who live in apartment comp... Read More
U.S. Military looking to the sky for its next recycling program
The U.S. military is always looking for new and ingenious ways of reusing its waste, and it believes that its next recycling program will take place 25,000 miles above our heads. According to, the research and development branch of the military has started the Phoenix program. This initiati... Read More
Missouri University of Science and Technology recycling program paying dividends
The campus recycling program at Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) has become one of the institution's most viable ways of reducing its costs. According to, since the implementation of the program in 2009, the college has reduced its waste disposal costs by ... Read More
Refining your office's recycling program
Many offices have a recycling program in place to help to cut down on waste, but even projects that start off with the best intentions can soon fall by the wayside without enforcement. If you've noticed that your co-workers aren't doing everything they can to avoid unnecessary trash, there i... Read More
United States shows impressive growth in plastic bottle recycling during 2010
Plastic bottles are one of the many waste products that threaten landfills all around the country, but it looks like consumers are finally catching on and doing their part to properly dispose of these materials. According to, plastic bottle recycling jumped 5 percent during 2010 to a... Read More
Aluminum can recycling rates remain stagnant throughout the United States
The United States was a recycling success story with nowhere to go but up in 1994, when the country boasted a 65 percent aluminum can recycling rate that year. Oddly enough, more than 15 years later, this number has dropped slightly to 58 percent in 2010 with many industry insiders wondering why the... Read More
Michigan elementary schools receiving much-needed funds from recycled materials
Schools around the country are always trying to find ways to add money to their budgets and enhance the learning experience of their students. A group of schools from Genesee County in Michigan has teamed up with New Jersey recycling company TerraCycle to be reimbursed for everything from empty pota... Read More
University of Tennessee students sign pledge to commit to recycling household products
In an effort to reduce the amount of waste produced on campus and to encourage people to live a more sustainable lifestyle, University of Tennessee students are celebrating their sixth annual "Power Challenge." This month-long initiative kicks off with a sustainability week which encourage... Read More
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