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Toucan Recycling

(210) 294-9692
1415 W. Poplar
San-Antonio, TX 78207

As the world population grows larger, it becomes more important that we ,as its in her it or s regard the health of the planet more efficiently. Recycling is one way in which we can accomplish this. At Toucan Recycling, we try to make being green easier and more rewarding for everyone. By paying the most the market will allow for your recyclable materials and processing and selling them in a responsible manner, you can be sure that your materials are being recycled and you are being properly compensated for them. To Toucan an Recycling is a non-ferrous re cycling facility that collects, processes, and ships out recyclable materials to mills all over the United States. We will help you unload your materials, weight hemin State Agriculture Dept. certified scales, and pay you for your goods. We are fast, friendly, and conveniently accessible from all parts of San Antonio.
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