University of Louisiana at Monroe boasts United States' highest recycling rate

The environmental fundraising group Think Recycle recently released its list of colleges in the United States and Canada that have the highest rates of recycling on campus. The University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) was named the best in the U.S. for its wide range of materials that can be recycled and the ease of which students can make a sustainable choice, according to

Emily Williamson, director of the ULM Child Development Center, was one of the people who spearheaded the recycling movement on campus and enlisted the services of Think Recycle. The organization salvages materials, such as used cell phones, ink and toner cartridges, digital cameras and other consumer electronics, and then gives back a portion of the money to help fund the everyday costs of the college.

"One day we were throwing away some cartridges and I thought 'Gosh, I wish there was something we could do with these,'" Williamson told the news source.

Between May 2010 and May 2011, ULM recycled an impressive 4,197 ink cartridges and 165 cell phones which helped to remove 5,373 pounds of waste from local landfills and raised over $4,200 for the child development center. In addition to the students taking part in the recycling program, their families and even the pre-schoolers at the center helped out.

"They help collect and bring in cartridges," Williamson told the news source. "It teaches them a good life skill. This is something they're going to need to participate in throughout their lives."

Think Recycle is just one of the many organizations throughout the country that is putting money back into the pockets of businesses, colleges and other companies by reducing their carbon footprints and embracing sustainable business practices.