Sustainable organic recycling programs becoming popular in California

California is one of the few places in the United States that seems to have a firm grasp on environmentalism and finding ingenious ways for its citizens to get involved. One of the ways that California is becoming a bit greener is through the use of sustainable organic recycling. According to The Californian, the Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority (SVSWA) has partnered with a local company, Vision Recycling, to create a comprehensive recycling center that could be a place for residents to properly dispose of organic materials.

The new recycling center will allow citizens to drop off their spent organic material, such as wood chips, mulch and soil products, which can be composted or broken down into helpful consumer materials. This wood debris, food scraps and other organic material can be made into new mulch as well as compost. Instead of sitting in a landfill decomposing year after year, these materials can be put to good use and fill a green role within the community.

"It helps close the loop," Jose Gamboa, assistant general manager for the SVSWA, told the news source. "Residents generate green waste and then they can also become local consumers in order to make this project more sustainable."

The money from the sale of reprocessed organic materials will go to help the area at large as well. A portion of the sales will go to Vision Recycling, while the sales tax will benefit the Salinas Valley. The new facility will be able to process 26,000 pounds of organic material a year, which will remove tons of waste from local landfills. The initiative has also created new jobs for the region and it is going a long way toward creating a green environment for residents.