Common kitchen items that may end up in the trash can

There's no way around the fact that the hustle and bustle of the everyday kitchen will leave a number of materials in the garbage can. However, homeowners should be aware of their waste habits in this area and can set up a waste disposal system that makes the entire process quick and easy.

First off, if you have a trash can under the sink or in a corner of your kitchen, try to find a way to fit in a small recycling receptacle or a small bin for compostable material. You can then teach your entire family the difference between these waste products to ensure that nothing is placed in the wrong container. One item that always seems to end up in the wrong place are cereal boxes - you can simply flatten these and remove the internal plastic bag and recycle both of them in the same receptacle. In addition, cardboard paper towel rolls, used plastic bags and aluminum foil are all small items that make take a bit extra effort, but will make a big difference for the environment.

A compost heap in your backyard is a wonderful choice to help get rid of food waste, and you can use a small receptacle underneath your sink that you can empty each day in the outdoor bin. Everything from old bread, banana peels or food that's past its prime are great options, and your compost can be a great way to provide nutrients to your garden. By taking a few of these simple steps in your kitchen, you can drastically increase your recycling rate and limit the amount of trash you're dragging to the curb every week.