Recycling Ideas

Information about how and what you can recycle


What Can You Do?

Recycling is process of reusing or reconditioning materials or products so they can be used to make new products. Recycling, when done correctly, conserves natural resources and lowers the impact of producing goods and services using new or virgin material.

Take an Interest

Typically you must take your recyclables to a recycling center although some communities are fortunate enough to have curb-side pick up of recycable materials. If you do use a curb-side pick up service for you recyclable materials it might be a good idea to take a trip to their facility when you have some free time to ensure that they do indeed recycle all of your waste.


You can also reuse products or materials for their inteded or new purposes but this isn't classified as recycling. In order for it to be recycling the material would need to go through some type of reprocessing.


There are many types of recyclables, sometimes called recyclates, including but not limited to Batteries, Plastic, Paper, Glass, Aluminum, Steel, Motor Oil, Tires, Toxics, Refrigerators, Computer Printers. Organic matter is also recyclable through the use of composting

Recycle Your Car

If you're getting a new vehicle check out our list of Car Donation Charities and reasons why you might want to donate your car.