Help save the environment by recycling your plastic goods

Regardless of if we like it or not, plastics play a vital role in the world. Whether it be the water bottle that you're drinking from or the remote control you use to change the channel, there's no getting around the fact that plastic is ingrained in our daily lifestyles.

By recycling plastic on a regular basis, we can not only help protect the environment, but also preserve vital resources that are needed in the manufacturing process. In 2009 alone, the United States generated 13 million tons of plastic packaging and containers, while only seven percent of that material was ever recovered for recycling. Furthermore, the category of plastics that contained bags, sacks and wraps - one of the largest subcategories of the material - had only a nine percent recyclable rate.

So what plastics can you recycle? Medical containers, soda and water bottles are amongst the easiest and are classified as level one recyclables, while heavier plastics like those that contain milk or laundry detergent are classified as level two. Plastics that are considered part of the second category are often used to manufacture toys, piping, plastic lumber and rope. Other less common - but still recyclable goods include shower curtains, plastic pipes, medical tubing, vinyl, grocery bags and Tupperware.

While plastic bottles can simply be recycled using the road-side bins issued by your town, larger goods will most likely have to be taken to nearby recycling centers to be taken care of properly. It may take a bit of extra time from your day, but the peace of mind in knowing that you're helping protect the earth will make it all worthwhile.

Be part of the winning team and help raise awareness for plastic recycling - after all, it's our duty as citizens of the earth.