Responsible Electronics Recycling Act a major step for economy

Electronic waste is one of the biggest problems facing the United States and other developed countries. There really isn't a good system in place to get these products, many of which contain hazardous materials, to the proper facilities. Currently, much of this material is shipped off to developing countries such as India, China and Nigeria, where there are few regulations for hazardous waste disposal. As a result, many people try to make a living by melting these materials to extract the valuable components inside. Sadly, these people are breathing in caustic and potentially deadly substances that could cause health problems later in life, according to

As a result of the growing problem posed by electronic waste in our country as well as other nations, Gene Green of Texas and Mike Thompson of California recently introduced the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act in the House of Representatives. This bill will ban the exportation of certain kinds of electronic waste to developing countries in an effort to keep recycling jobs in this country and help stimulate the economy.

Representative Mike Thompson told the news source that America had an obligation to stop children "picking through this stuff and exposing themselves to dangerous chemicals. It's just an absolute mess." In fact, in Guiryu, China, an industrial area where a large portion of electronic waste ends up, 80 percent of the children living there had high levels of lead in their blood due to the burning of these hazardous materials.

By increasing manufacturer buyback of old electronics and establishing new facilities to properly dispose of this material in our own country, we can help put people back to work and create a greener environment in the process.